A huge problem that many people have is finding GOOD high quality PLR to use for creating products and marketing their business. So, I have put together the following resources to help you. ALL of these resources are from people I personally know and recommend. It's all high quality content in tons of different niches. If there is something specific you're looking for please let me know and I'll try to help you find it.


1. Tiffany Lambert's Unlimited PLR Access – This one is listed #1 for a reason. Tiffany creates the best content around hands down, covers more niches than anyone else, AND has all kinds of different PLR. Emails, articles, reviews, full blown products, and so much more.  You can get an unlimited pass to all of her past, present, and future PLR packages at https://todayinplr.com/TotalTiffPLRAccess

2. Arun Chandran – My PLR boo <3 was a close second here for his quality of PLR. I use and recommend anything he creates! His main sites are at  and https://instantincomeplr.com/ArunsResellerPLR

3. Lifetime IM Checklist Bundle From Kevin Fahey – This is Kevin's “here's all my PLR for one price” deal. I bought this and have used so much of it for so many different things. Both to make me money directly and in my marketing. Highly recommended! https://www.todayinplr.com/IMCheckListLifetime

4. Coach Glue – I'm addicted to this PLR content. I have bought so much of it and have made so much money with it! This is phenomenally created content on several topics for coaches/people who teach. All the way from self help to building an online business  and everything in between. If you're looking for high end PLR this is where you need to go! http://instantincomeplr.com/CoachGluePLR

5. Kitchen Bloggers – Need food and recipe related PLR? This place has you covered! Kitchen Bloggers is my favorite PLR site for all things related to food! http://instantincomeplr.com/KitchenBloggers

6. PLR Monthly Unlimited – Get unlimited access to PLR Monthly for a ONE TIME price. This is the best deal out there for the price!  http://instantincomeplr.com/MonthlyPLR

7. Piggy Makes Bank – Two of my favorite PLR creators have come together and have created articles and reports in many different niches that you can get the PLR to. High quality and VERY affordable! http://instantincomeplr.com/PiggyMakesBankPLR

8. Internet Slayers PLR – JR Lang provides AMAZING content from her PLR store and there are so many niches to choose from and so many different types of PLR.  This is a massive resource of all kinds of PLR! http://instantincomeplr.com/InternetSlayers

9. White Label Perks – This site features PLR content for both the self development niche and the Internet marketing niche. I love the content and they always have something a bit different than most! http://instantincomeplr.com/WhiteLabelPerks

10. Tools For Motivation – This site is completely dedicated to providing PLR content that is all about self development. The two guys behind it our brilliant marketers and content creators, so that means there experience will be in every package which will make you have better success using their content. It's like getting products and content from real “gurus“! (The good kind!http://instantincomeplr.com/ToolsForMotivation

11. Health And Wellness PLR – Are you looking for great content to use in your business for the Health And Wellness niche? You've now found it. 🙂 I love her content to use as blog content, freebies, and more! Check it out at http://instantincomeplr.com/HealthAndWellnessPLR

12. PLR.me – This site has some killer quality PLR content all in the self help and personal finance niches. https://todayinplr.com/PLRme

More resources coming soon…

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