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Join The 30 Days Of Profitable Passive Income Tactics Coaching Program And Learn How To Create Multiple Streams Of PASSIVE Income PLUS Get Reseller PLR To This Entire Coaching Program!

In this coaching program you will get a passive income tactic delivered to your inbox each day for 30 days that you can easily implement in YOUR business or create a brand new business with! Not only that, but you'll get access to me to get any help you need with any of the tactics that I'm teaching you! PLUS you get Reseller PLR to this entire coaching program! Read on for complete details…


Hi there and welcome to the invite page for, The 30 Days Of Profitable Passive Income Tactics Coaching Program! This is going to be 30 consecutive days of you getting a daily lesson from me on how to create multiple streams of passive income in your existing business or even a new business if that's what you want to do.

Passive income is truly THE key to a freedom lifestyle. You have to setup things that work mostly WITHOUT you, so you can have the time to do the things you truly want to do. Maybe that's traveling, spending more time doing your hobbies, more time with family, or anything else YOU want. But learning REAL passive income tactics is the hardest part. A lot of people pass off scams as passive income opportunities, so you need to make sure you're learning the RIGHT passive income tactics and the ones that are legit and actually work!

So how does this coaching program work?

Each and every day you will receive an email with a lesson it that will tell you what to do to meet that day's goals. When you need help or have questions you simply reach out to me and I'll help you out.

It's that simple! Do what I show you to do and come to me for help and you will see success with this coaching program!

Here are just some of the lessons you’ll be getting when you join this coaching program…

Here Are Just A Few Lessons You'll Be Getting Over
The Next 30 Days With Me!

Day 1: 30 Days With Passive Income From 30,000 Feet

On your first day we will get started by going over what passive income is, , the different types, deciding if you want to add passive income to your current business or create a new one and so much more. The goal of this lesson will be to open your eyes to the possibilities and opportunities you have to get you started off on the right foot!

Day 2: Passive Income Options

There are so many options when it comes to passive income and today we will go over several of them so you can pick your first passive income you want to start with. The goal of this lesson is to get you started with something quick and easy so you can create a passive income stream right off the bat. Success will drive you, and today I want to set you up for total success!

Day 3: Setting And Meeting Goals For Passive Income Success

Nothing happens until you set a goal! Today we will go over setting your first income goal with passive income and learning how to keep setting and reaching bigger goals! The goal of this lesson is to get you started with your first passive income stream and on your way to meeting your first income goal!

And you'll get 27 more lessons on creating MULTIPLE streams of passive income! There is so much more that you'll be learning in this coaching program...

Plus Get The RESELLER Private Label Rights License To This Entire Coaching Program!

Not only will you get all of these DAILY profitable lessons so you can start putting these tactics in place to create passive income streams for yourself, but you’re also going to get the Reseller PLR license to the entire 30 Days Of Profitable Passive Income Tactics Coaching Program!

This gives you 100s of ways to profit with not only what you’ll learn from me in this coaching program, but ALSO you'll be able to profit with the entire coaching program as your very own and use it in almost anyway that you want! You're getting FULL reseller PLR to EVERYTHING!

Here’s what you’ll get in your Reseller PLR package for this coaching program...

Here’s What You’ll Get In Your Reseller PLR Package
For This Coaching Program!

Complete Sales System

If you would like to sell this coaching program as your own coaching program I will be giving you a sales letter and coaching portal to use! Set it up, add your order button, and have your very own coaching program on a super hot topic ready to start making you money!

All 30 Lessons

There are 30 daily lessons in this coaching program. Some are just text lessons, some include videos, and other teaching aids like checklists, planners, etc. You'll get every piece of content and the lessons all ready for you to use "as is" or edit in any way that you want!

This will be A LOT of content that you can use in many different ways to profit!

30+ Emails To Deliver The Lessons

I have created an email for each day of this workshop, plus additional emails with resources in them that you can use to deliver this coaching program. You'll get PLR to each and every email!

The Setup And Profit Workshop

This is an invaluable component I'm including here! You will get access to the entire "Setup and Profit" workshop where I will show you how to use this coaching program as your own, get paying attendees, and run the entire coaching program as your own! 

Bottom line... You will get every single piece of content and marketing creatives I create for this 30 day coaching program so you can use it in any way that you want to make money or promote your online business. 

And to make sure that you understand your rights here they are in black and white...

Reseller PLR Rights Terms:

Can modify and edit content.
Can be branded and sold to the end user with personal use rights.
Can put your name as author of the content.
Can be translated into a different language.
Can be used for content on article sites.
Can be used as website/blog/membership site content, email content, and video content.
Can be used as website/blog/membership site content, email content, and video content.
Can use the content to create any type of product with rights.
Can resell this entire PLR package as is (or with edits) with PLR rights.
Cannot give any type of rights away for free.
Cannot use my name in any way in your marketing of this content/product!

And Just To Reassure You... Here's What People Say About My Teachings And PLR Content!

I thoroughly enjoy working with Liz Tomey.
She's so much fun to work with, her coaching is easy to follow, and her training concepts are very actionable. I love her enthusiasm for the PLR and IM niches and that she cares about her students' progress and success. I also love the fact that she loves eating tacos!! Yum!!!

Helene Palmer


I've been with Liz pretty much since the time she started out online many years ago. I've probably bought everything she's ever created, and for great reason. Every workshop she does is fantastic to learn from, and often provides enough to build an entire business around. Add in that you can often get a PLR license too at a great price and that makes purchasing each new thing Liz creates a TRUE NO BRAINIER.

Kelly Conway

Liz Tomey is without a doubt the "Queen of PLR." Her PLR is thoroughly researched and without a doubt among the best I have ever purchased. If you need quality PLR to make your product creation, blog posts, etc. easier then, look no further. High quality and fair pricing.

David Shoup

Liz Tomey has been a great catalyst in starting my passive income career through creating and selling PLR digital products.

Her workshops and live sessions are fun to attend and always contain actionable golden nuggets and no fluff! So if you want to learn and get started on your passive income journey, then LIZ is your Superhero!

Kunal Barthakur

Are You FINALLY Ready To Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income Using My Personal And Proven Tactics?

Here’s your chance to get 30 days of passive income tactics coaching with someone who has been implementing these tactics for almost 2 decades, and is one of the most well known and loved leaders in the Internet marketing industry!

You will also get the FULL RESELLER PLR to the entire coaching program including all content, marketing and sales system, and even the workshop showing you how to make money with the Reseller PLR you’re getting to this 30 day coaching program.

You get it all!

This is a massive offer with A LOT of PLR content and a ton of passive income tactics which makes it a steal of a deal, but…

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All you have to do is click on the order button below and you’ll get instant access to the coaching portal and be able to get ready for The 30 Days Of Profitable Passive Income Tactics Coaching Program where you’ll learn everything I know about creating multiple streams of passive income to obtain that freedom lifestyle you see me and so many others living!

See you on the inside…

Hurry! Special 50% Discount Expires Soon...

Hurry! Get Access To The 30 Days Of Profitable Passive Income Tactics Coaching Program PLUS The Reseller PLR License To The Entire Coaching Program Right Now...

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I get access to the coaching program?

After purchase you'll be taken to your "coaching portal". The coaching program starts on May  8th 2023. You will get an email every day starting on that day with your lesson inside. Complete that days lessons, and the next lesson will be delivered the next day through June 7th 2023

When will I get the PLR to this coaching program?

As soon as this coaching program is complete on the 7th of June I will load all of the content so you can download the PLR and your license and then you can do anything you want with the content as long as it's within the rights of your license. You will also get access to the Setup And Profit Workshop at that time too, so you know exactly what to do to start making money with it! 

What are the PLR rights to this coaching program?

All rights are listed above, but it's pretty simple. Don't use my name in your MARKETING, and do not give away the rights to any of the content for FREE. Those are literally my only two rules. 

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