Hi there! I’m Liz Tomey and you might be wondering just how did I become known as the “Queen of PLR“?

Well honestly I actually didn’t want the title…

You see I’ve been creating and using PLR content for so long (since 2005) that everyone just started calling me that. Over the years I’ve come out with over 100 PLR product packages and have taught dozens upon dozens of ways to use PLR to make money. I was one of the very first (probably the second) person to start producing and using PLR content.

But, I do way more in my online business than just PLR, so being called the “Queen of PLR” wasn’t really what I wanted, but because of being one of the pioneers and leaders in the industry everyone has just always called me the “Queen of PLR” so nowadays I just proudly wear the crown and continue to create the best PLR packages around and provide the best training on using PLR content to make money online!

I invite you to explore my blog here, see what PLR content I offer that you can use in your business, and allow me to be your mentor in using PLR content to make money in your business.

If at anytime you have questions feel free to reach out to me and get the help you need with anything regarding profiting with PLR! I’ve even created a mastermind group on Facebook that I encourage you to join to learn more from me and network with others who are using PLR in their business. You can join for free at http://www.MyPLRMastermind.com

No matter if you’re looking to use PLR in your business to make more money or create and sell your own PLR to really cash in, my 15+ years of experience is always here to help you!

I wish you much success!

Liz Tomey