9 PLR Shortcuts You Can Use In Your Business Right Now!

Running an online business can have a lot of moving parts to it, and content creation is one of those parts that suck a lot of your time away from you, BUT it's one of the biggest “parts” of having an online business.

There's a great shortcut for you here though and it's called private label rights! (PLR)

The main reason thousands of people purchase private label rights (PLR) content is so that they can save themselves money, time and effort.

PLR is cheaper than hiring your own writer and it’s faster than writing your own content or waiting for someone else to write and deliver the content.

Lastly, most people dislike writing!

Are you one of those people? 😉

It’s a draining and tiring task that saps your energy. With PLR content, you don’t need to expend so much effort.

Now let’s see how PLR can help you take shortcuts in your business when it comes to content creation…

1. The Content For Your Blog Shortcut

If you have a blog, it’s important to post fresh content at least once or twice a week. This infusion of new content will ensure that your loyal readers don’t think that the blog has gone stale.

There’s something new every week for them to devour. They love it.

The problem here is that you’re the one who needs to keep creating new content. Initially when the blog is new and you’re highly motivated, this will be fun.

But as time goes on, constantly publishing new content can become a drag. At times like these, you can always use PLR content as part of your blog content publishing schedule.

Take a PLR article, personalize it, add some images, opinions, etc. and voila! You have an interesting piece of content for your audience without you having to struggle to write it all out.

2. The Product Creation Shortcut

Want to sell your own book? Or a bundle of checklists? Or tangible products?

There’s no need to create your own products from scratch. Go ahead and sell PLR ebooks as your own. Use PLR content to create quick checklists that you can bundle up and sell to your niche or one of a million other things you can do with PLR content. Yes… There's probably a million things you can do with PLR content when it comes to creating your own ebooks. 😉

Even graphic designs sold as PLR for printables can be used to create products you can sell. Come across a bundle of unicorn images with PLR? Excellent! Print them on mugs and sell them on Etsy.com.

You can save a lot of time and money (no need to outsource when you have PLR content) with product creation by selling “done for you” PLR products that you turn into your own products. Just remember to rebrand them.

3. The Rebranding Shortcut

Following up on the point above, selling PLR content as your own products can be lucrative, but it’s essential to set yourself apart from the PLR buyers who have the same content as you.

Here’s the truth… Graphics are EASILY recognizable, but written content is NOT. So, what does that mean?

It means that the best way to be different from the masses is to look different from the masses. Give your product a brand new look by getting new graphics done for it.

If you’re artistic and proficient at graphic design, you can do it yourself. If not, you can hire a designer on Fiverr or Upwork to do one for you.

Alternatively, there are sites such as CheapMinisitecom, MyMinisiteGraphiccom and so on that have packages for you to choose from. Just by changing the graphics, you’ll have a product that looks BRAND NEW in the marketplace.

4. The List Building And Email Marketing Shortcut

Use PLR reports as lead magnets to build your email list. Once you’re driving traffic to your opt in page, people will sign up for your freebie.

You can then market to them and sell them other products. If you need content for your emails, you can always use snippets of your PLR articles to create valuable content-driven emails.

Occasionally, you can build list loyalty by giving them free reports, etc. that are actually PLR products you put together quickly. Your list will love you thus making them more apt to buy from you with this little tactic. 😉

5. The Offline Marketing Shortcut

If you’re marketing in the “real world”, PLR content can be used to create flyers, pamphlets, brochures, etc. to market to your audience.

6. The Social Media Shortcut

PLR content can also be repurposed into images, videos, etc. for platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and so on. You do not need to come up with new ideas for different platforms.

You only need to repurpose the content in a way it’s conveniently consumed by the audience on that platform.

This is great for a multitude of reasons… You can use the content to get traffic, for engagement, etc!

7. The Membership Sites Shortcut

PLR content can be used as deliverables for your membership sites. Newsletters, training videos, short reports, checklists, recipes, templates, etc. are all deliverables that can be easily created with PLR.

8. The Affiliate Promotions Shortcut

There are many ways to use PLR content in your affiliate marketing. One way is to use PLR to create bonuses for products you’re promoting as an affiliate. This will tempt your potential buyers to get off the fence and get the product just to get extra value.

This can also be the difference in someone buying from you and not your competition because you're giving your customer a better offer!

9. The Guest Blogging Shortcut

PLR articles can be rewritten completely and used as guest posts on other blogs. Not only will you get an audience, but you’ll also have backlinks pointing to your site.

Rewriting PLR is easier than doing all the research and writing from scratch, so if you want to give it a go with guest blogging find some PLR, spruce it up, and use it as a shortcut!

Now, I could go on and on here because there are so many shortcuts you can take with PLR to accelerate your business growth and also increase your profits rapidly.

Time is money and money loves speed.

PLR saves you time, gives you speed and makes you money. Do capitalize on it wisely.

If you have comments or questions on anything I've covered here be sure to leave them in the comments below!

Wishing you much success on your PLR journey!


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5 Ways to Turn Your PLR Articles Into Money Content

Most PLR buyers tend to be very regimented in the use of their PLR content. 🙁

For example, if they purchase a bundle of PLR articles, all they can think of doing is posting these articles on their blog as blog posts.

That’s about all they know how to do. The experienced PLR buyers know how to get maximum mileage from their PLR articles by using them in a myriad of ways other than the most obvious way… to generate more traffic, leads and sales.

Below you’ll find 5 ways to turn your PLR articles into money content. You may have seen these methods mentioned on the sales page. But very often, the tips are not applied… so let’s look at them more closely.

Option 1: Compile Them Into Digital Products

If you hope to sell a book but you don’t wish to write one, combining several different PLR articles is one way to put together an eBook quickly. Generally, a good book will be around 8,000 to 10,000 words.

Since most PLR articles will be in the 400 to 500-word range, you may need to combine 20 to 25 PLR articles to create a book.

It will require effort on your part because you’ll have to find articles that cover different points and topics for the niche you’re catering too.

You’ll also need to ‘smooth’ out the kinks in the content so it all reads smoothly as a book without appearing like a disjointed mishmash of articles (which it is).

Success with this technique is being able to create a book that reads well and is informative. The benefit of creating a book in this manner is that it will be totally unique.

Unlike other PLR eBooks which come in ‘Biz-In-A-Box’ packages that everyone has, yours will be unique. Of course, a clever strategy would be to use the sales page that comes in these done for you packages to sell your own compiled eBooks.

You can use the sales copy from the package but create your own graphics so that your product looks and sounds different from all the cookie cutter content out there.

You’ll now have fantastic books that you can sell and cash in on.

Option 2: Use Them As Guest Blog Posts

Guest blogging is a method of traffic generation. Basically, you’ll approach popular blogs/sites in your niche and ask the site owners if they’ll publish an article or two from you. In return, all you’ll want is a link back to your site.

It will allow you to siphon some traffic from the popular site to your own site. This is an effective method that will reap results the more often you do it. Your efforts will snowball over time.

The limitation here is that almost all site owners want unique content that has never been published before. So, you’ll need to either rewrite a PLR article yourself or hire someone on Upwork to do the job for you.

Since the research is already done for you in the PLR article, writing a brand new article using the existing research will be a much easier task.

This is one method of using PLR articles to drive traffic to your own sites and indirectly generate an income from them.

Commercial Break Time…

[thrive_leads id='149′]
Option 3: Break Them Down Into Email Content

If you have an email list (and you should be building one), using snippets of PLR articles in your emails will help you to deliver value. You’ll not need to write an entire email out.

The PLR content you use in your emails should be informative and engaging. Remember to add a link in your email that readers can click for more information. This link could either point to a sales page for a product you’re promoting/selling or it could be to a monetized blog post.

Which leads me to…

Option 4: Monetized Blog Posts

Monetized blog posts are posts that contain links to products the readers can buy or they may contain advertising. The crux of the matter is that there are opportunities for you to make money from the post. That’s the key point.

Copying and pasting a PLR article on your blog is well and good, but what’s the purpose of it? Information? Sales?

A monetized blog post can be a PLR article that has been posted with the intention of making sales. Insert links to affiliate products or products you’re selling.

Even posts which are not monetized should have internal links on them which link to other posts that are monetized. This makes your site ‘sticky'. It keeps visitors on your site longer and increases your chances of making a sale.

Option 5: Paid Newsletters

A paid newsletter is not only a recurring source of income, but can make you passive sales too (if you add affiliate links inside). You can easily put together a newsletter which has anywhere from 5 to 10 pages of content.

Keep your pricing around $7 to $10 and your subscribers will look upon this membership as a small expense and be less likely to quit. If you’re selling tangible products (e.g. keto meters), you can have a $7 newsletter that provides keto recipes and tips every month as an upgrade or a bump to your offer.

You’ll have several interested people take you up on the offer and you’ll be making sales monthly. Of course, PLR articles can be used to create these newsletters easily.

Now there's a lot of options for all of those glorious PLR articles you buy!

By now you’ll realize that a PLR article is NOT just a piece of content to post on your blog. It’s a tool that can generate traffic and sales for you too. So, put your PLR articles to use effectively and you’ll be amazed at how effective they are.

Okay, so hopefully all of this has helped you on your PLR journey. If you'd like to learn more about PLR and/or get updates when brand new HIGH QUALITY private label rights content is available from my trusted sources make sure you're subscribed to the Today In PLR Newsletter at TodayInPLR.com

Watch Out For These 4 Pitfalls When Using PLR Content

Private label rights (PLR) content can be a lifesaver when you are short on time or you hate writing with a passion. Done-for-you content can be used on your blogs or you can bundle them and sell them as your own products or about 1000's other ways.

If you’re a beginner to online marketing, PLR can shortcut your journey and have you establishing a web presence and making sales in record time.

While PLR is a means to an end, it’s not an end in itself and has its downsides and limitations.

The 4 pointers below will help you steer clear of the pitfalls of using PLR.

1. Fact Checking

Here’s a brutal truth… not all PLR is made equal… and NOT all PLR vendors are reputable.

There are two types of PLR vendors.

The first type, are not just marketers, but are writers at heart. These PLR vendors do their own research and write almost all of their PLR. So, you can expect consistent quality and a uniform ‘voice’ throughout their content.

They tend to take a lot of pride in their work and it’s usually safe to purchase PLR from these vendors.

At the other end of the spectrum are PLR vendors who are ONLY in the business for money.  (Not to say there's anything wrong with them taking this route.) They outsource the writing to cheap writers on freelance sites. The content is then cobbled together, given a pretty sales page and sold as the next best thing since sliced bread.

Here's what you need to know: Freelancers are on the clock. The more they write and the more gigs they accept, the more money they make.

This immediately puts a constraint on their time. Guess where they cut corners on?

If you said research, you’re absolutely right. When a cheap freelance writer is tasked to write content, most of the time they just get online and pull facts from different websites and create a Frankenarticle.

The problem here is that you never really know if the facts are accurate. There’s so much misinformation online that ‘fake news’ has become the norm.

You may wonder, “Why doesn’t the PLR seller hire better writers?”

The answer is simple. Better writers cost more and this eats into the profit margins. So, they go for the cheap ones.

If you’re in the health niche and you’re using PLR content, it’s especially important to cross-check all facts and stats you find in your PLR articles/eBooks. You don’t want to be dishing out inaccurate information.

The goal is to be an authority in your niche, and not a disseminator of wrong information. Always fact check your content. Period.

2. Plagiarism

Another common practice by third-rate freelancers is to just rip off content from different sites and squash them together to form their own article. Once again, the writers are either hard-pressed for time or they’re just lazy and looking for shortcuts.

Run your content through a site like Copyscape to see if your PLR content is plagiarized. Do note that since others may have used the same PLR as you, several results may show up.

This is not plagiarism! You’ll notice that their content is almost the same as your PLR content because they’ve used the same PLR.

What you should be looking for are sentences and paragraphs that show up oddly on sites where the rest of the content is totally different.

When you see such results, almost always, the writer has either plagiarized the content or is using a content scraping software to create the content.

3. The Duplicate Content Penalty Myth Or Fact? Both!

A duplicate content penalty occurs when you’re not organized with your PLR content. There are so many misconceptions about this penalty.

Let’s keep things simple. Using private label rights content will NOT get you penalized by Google. It doesn’t work that way. If it did, all syndicated news sites, etc. would get penalized for using the same content.

You ONLY get penalized by Google for duplicate content when several of your blog posts contain the exact same content. Google thinks you’re trying to game the system and rank your site higher.

For example, if you take a specific PLR article that you have, come up with 3 catchy titles for the article and post the same article 3 times on your blog, now you have duplicate content.

You’re only changing the title of the article but the rest of the content is the same. Some marketers do this intentionally thinking they’ll get away with it (they won’t) and others accidentally make a mistake because they’re disorganized and don’t know which PLR content they’ve already used and which they haven’t.

So, keep a separate folder for content that you’ve already used on your sites. This will prevent you from being hit with the duplicate content penalty.

4. Adhering To The PLR License

So many PLR buyers just can’t seem to understand the license terms that come with the PLR packages they purchase.

While the terms state that you can sell the content as your own, you can’t actually sell it as your own PLR.

It’s easy to get confused here.

What the terms really mean is that you’ll need to convert the PLR into a final product, personalize it and sell it as a unique product to end consumers.

You can’t sell it as your own PLR content (you only can if they say you can) because that’s the original vendor’s job. Be clear about the license terms when using your PLR so that you don’t step on anyone’s toes.

If in doubt, always seek clarification from the vendor.

Keep these 4 points in mind whenever you purchase or use PLR. It’s best to err on the side of caution, and to always use the rule… If in doubt… ASK! It only takes a few minutes to shoot a message to the person you bought the PLR from and ask if what you want to do with their content is ok.

Okay, so hopefully all of this has helped you on your PLR journey. If you'd like to learn more about PLR and/or get updates when brand new HIGH QUALITY private label rights content is available from my trusted sources make sure you're subscribed to the Today In PLR Newsletter at http://www.TodayInPLR.com

Personal Development Rituals Giant PLR Pack

The other day I told you about a massive PLR package I bought for a brand I'm working on. When I say massive I mean MASSIVE! This is what's in this package…

eBook: Rituals In Support Of Personal Development – 7,800 Words

Editable eCovers with 9 Different 2D and 3D designs
Editable Word And Fully Formatted PDFpersonal development rituals PLR – JV
Custom Squeeze Page

7 Day Email Series To Promote eBook: How Rituals Support Your Wellbeing

Rituals Chart

Report: 35 Rituals To Promote Your Personal Growth

Editable Word And Fully Formatted PDF
Editable eCovers with 9 Different 2D and 3D designs
Custom Squeeze Page

Report: The Psychology Of Rituals

How Rituals Can Help Your Wellbeing and Personal Growth – 1800 Words
Editable Word And Fully Formatted PDF
Editable eCovers with 9 Different 2D and 3D designs
Custom Squeeze Pagepersonal development rituals PLR – JV

40 Tips/Tweets/Social Media Updates – Personal Development Rituals

25 New Articles

6 Ways Rituals Can Improve Your Wellbeing
What Personal Development Rituals Can Benefit You
What Are Rituals And How You Can Benefit From Them
5 Daily Rituals To Recharge Your Spirit
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Emotional Health
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Mental Health
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Positivity And Optimism
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Joy And Happiness
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Confidence
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Self-Esteem
5 Daily Rituals That Support Your Personal Growth
5 Daily Rituals That Cultivate A Growth Mindset
5 Daily Rituals That Support You Living A Genuine Life
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Inner Peacepersonal development rituals PLR – JV
5 Daily Rituals To Help You Deal With Change
5 Daily Rituals That Help Reduce Your Stress Levels
5 Daily Rituals That Help You Control Your Emotions
5 Daily Rituals That Help You Reach Your Potential
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Productivity
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Wellbeing
Why Rituals Work
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Mood
5 Daily Rituals That Help You Feel In Control Of Your Life
Why Rituals Are Critical In Times Of Uncertainty
Why Rituals Are Good for Your Mental Health

3 Editable Infographics

5 Daily Rituals To Help You Deal With Change
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Productivity
5 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Mental Health
Easily Editable Powerpoint, PDF and High Def PNG

Editable Viral Images

Easily Editable Powerpoint and High Def Web Ready PNG

PDF Report Created From Images

Editable Collage

Easily Editable Powerpoint, PDF and High Def Web Ready PNG

Editable HD Videos

Pro Voiceovers


See… I told you it was MASSIVE!

And wait until you see the price! 😳😳😳

If you're in the personal development niche (it's wildly profitable… you should be) then pick up this PLR package!

The content is amazing, and it includes so many different components you can use in many different ways!

Grab it at https://www.TodayInPLR.com/PDRitualsPLR


My New Brand And My PLR Plan!

One thing I promised when I came back to the PLR niche was that I would be sharing all the ways I'm using PLR in my business.

Now most of you know me as a teacher of marketing and online business building.

But… I'm in a ton of other niches too. 😉

Currently I'm working on one that is about living your best life possible.

#LivingMyBestLife 😂😂😂

I'm just getting started with it and need a few things to create as lead-magnets (stuff to give away to get people on my list) and I need SOOOOOOOO much content for the blog that will be fueling this thing.

So I started my search for PLR to use for all of this…

I start my searches by going to my trusted PLR providers (I have a list of them here), and I found EXACTLY what I needed with JR Lang.

She has been creating PLR content for a VERY long time and the content is ALWAYS great content that I don't have to do much editing with which saves me a TON of time.

Here's the PLR package that I picked up https://www.TodayInPLR.com/PDRitualsPLR

This is a MASSIVE PLR package that had everything I needed in it on a HOT topic related to my niche.

*insert happy dance*

If you're in the personal development niche I HIGHLY recommend this PLR package.

It's got things in it that can make you-money DIRECTLY (full blown products) it's got list builders in it (so you can build your list) AND lots and lots of content to help you in your marketing.


So that's what I'm working on today and how I'm using PLR in my business. 🙂 What are you doing?

Talk soon!


How To Plan Out Your PLR Strategy For Your Purchases

Hi… My name is Liz Tomey and I'm addicted to buying PLR.

If there were a PLR Anonymous program I would be the first one there because I am truly addicted to buying PLR.

And I justify it (in true addict style) by saying I buy it because I make money with it.

But it's true!

I have a HUGE “pile” of PLR on my harddrive, but I do actually use it. I use it in different niches and in so many different ways.

From using it to directly make money with (creating my own products that I sell) to using it in many different ways to market my business and get traffic into it.

So what may separate my addiction from yours is that my addiction is profitable. 

Today I want to help you make your addiction profitable too because PLR is the BEST shortcut for doing many things in your business to market it and make money from it.

So I have done a short video showing how I would make a plan and take the 124 PLR packages I just got from Tiffany Lambert and use them in my business.

Watch the video, take notes, and either grab these two bundles and do what I'm doing or feel free to implement what I'm teaching you to do with ANY PLR content you may be hoarding.

One last thing… If you enjoy this video make sure to leave your comments below. And if you have questions you can leave those below too!

Now go learn something… 😉

You can get the bundles I was talking about in this video at https://www.TodayInPLR.com/IMBundle1 and https://www.TodayInPLR.com/IMBundle2


124 PLR Packages – WHOA!

The other day I sent out an email out about the different type of PLR and how I break it down into two categories…

PLR Money Products


PLR Content Products

PLR Money Products are full blown products that you can take, edit up, and use as your own products you can directly make-money selling.

PLR Content Products are packages of content that you can use in your marketing. For your content marketing, social marketing, email marketing, and the like.

Today I found TWO different PLR bundles that include BOTH kids of PLR and it's ALL for the Internet marketing niche!



If you buy both bundles you will get 124 different PLR packages!

With these you could create a ton of your own products you could sell, and have a TON of content you could use in all of your marketing.

This is an INSANE deal!

Now I do recommend BOTH packages. They are both packed with INCREDIBLE content, and you'd have enough content to do just about anything you want.

If you're in the Internet marketing niche make sure you grab one OR BOTH of these!



Okay that's it for now… I'm off to comb through these and plot and plan what I'll be doing with them. 😉

How I Cash In With PLR – This Is Good!

Want to know what has made me the most money in my business?

Hands down it's PLR content!

I've made more money using and creating and selling PLR content than any other thing I've done in my business.

Yes I've done big six figure product launches, but all together it's PLR that has overall made me the most money in my business.

So today I wanted to take a second and tell you how I make money with PLR content so you can do the same thing.

Now as I've explained before their are two sides to PLR.

There's the create and sell side and then there's the buy and use side. I've made lots of money with both!

Let's talk about the create and sell side first because it's pretty simple.

When I want to make a quick few thousand dollars (sometimes even A LOT more than that) I can pick a hot topic and have a product created around it. I then add in other components like articles, audio articles, video articles, follow up emails, reviews, banners, affiliate tools pages, squeeze pages, etc and create a product package that I sell the private label rights to.

Like I said that's the create and sell side…

Now the other side which is the buy and use side makes me money in MANY different ways.


1. Using articles as blog content – I build blogs and use articles with PLR as content for the blogs. I can then do things like sell the blog on sites like Flippa.com, or I can add my affiliate links, drive traffic to the blogs, and make money when people buy through my affiliate links. There are several different options here. 🙂

2. Combing products to create massive products – Many times in niches outside of Internet marketing/make money online I will take several different PLR products on a topic, and make a package of products that I sell.

For example let's use the gardening niche. I could find a few ebooks on different gardening topics, maybe some video tutorials, and some other resources. Put these all together, spend some money having a sales letter created the entices people to buy, and put the whole thing out as my own product and sell it. Get affiliates to promote something like that (and use other traffic tactics) and you could make a nice little income.

Now imagine if you did this in several niches. You could have several nice little income streams.

3. Created automated sales systems – With this tactic I will find a hot topic, use a PLR product as a free giveaway, setup a squeeze page to give it away when people subscribe, find a few products I can promote as an affiliate to my subscribers, and then spend some money to have a copywriter create really good sales emails that sell people on buying the products through my affiliate links. Then I add some traffic and have a nice little automated sales system that makes me money without me having to do anything but drive traffic.

4. Niche membership sites – Creating a monthly income is a must if you want to be able to pay your bills each month. You can setup little niche membership sites and use PLR content as the content you give your members each month.

As you can see you have lots of options to make money with PLR products. This is why I highly recommend that when you see something with PLR that you grab it. You might not be able to immediately use it, but you might be able to in the future.

If I see something with PLR I buy it without a second thought because I know at some point I will be able to use it. I setup folders on my computer that are labeled with topics and organize all the PLR I buy into these folders.

That way when I need content on a topic I open up my PLR folder and can go right to the topic I want and have all the content I want.

I recommend you do this too!

Okay so now you know what I'm doing to make money with PLR products. Now pick one of these and go get started making some money for yourself!

To your PLR Success!

Liz Tomey

Ecover Graphics For PLR Users

If you're using PLR in your business to create your own products and/or for content for your blog or social marketing there is a cool shortcut I'd like to tell you about for creating graphics for all of that stuff.

This is going to come in super handy especially for those of you who take PLR and create products out of it.

What's this cool shortcut?

Using ready to go ecover graphics!

Now most of the time I will just hire someone to create an ecover for me. There are a lot of people out there who can do it, and not ALL of them are expensive. You just have to put the time and effort in to find them.

If you don't want to do that though using ready to go ecovers is going to be a life saver for you.

You can take these, edit them however you want, and use them for a multitude of things.

* Flat covers to go on the first page of your reports and ebooks.

* Use a tool like eCover Authority and turn them into 3D covers you can put on your sales pages.

* You can also resize ecovers you create and use them for blog images and/or social media images.

Below you will find links to ready to go ecover packages. You can buy several of them in a package and have a lot of options to look through when you need a flat ecover, or a 3D ecover, or a blog post image, or a social media image. I'll add to this list as I find more ready to go ecover packages.

Note: If you want to turn an ecover into a 3D ecover you will need eCover Authority. You can get it from http://www.LizTomey.com/eCoverAuthority

Ready To Go Ecover Graphics Packages Resources:

Ecover Graphics Pro – Professional Book Cover Design Templates – http://instantincomeplr.com/EcoverGraphicsPro

Ecover Graphics Pro Vol 2 – http://instantincomeplr.com/EcoverGraphicsPro2

eCover Graphics Pro V3 – http://instantincomeplr.com/eCoverGraphicsPro3

Pixel Cover – 100+ Incredible Kindle Book eCover Design – http://instantincomeplr.com/PixelCover

Pixel Cover V.2 – http://instantincomeplr.com/PixelCover2

Ecoverio – All-in-One Toolkit for Book Author & Self Publisher – http://instantincomeplr.com/Ecoverio

PLR Content And Product Bundles Resources

I absolutely LOVE when PLR creators bundle their PLR packages up and sell them for ONE price. This is where you can get some killer deals on PLR content!

So I've created this resource to give you links to the best deals and highest quality PLR products and content that can be had online!

1. The Other Queen Of PLR Tiffany Lambert!

Tiffany has been writing for years. Even before I started my online business she was ghost writing for the biggest names online. After a few years she decided she wanted to create and sell her content as PLR and since then has been my fellow queen of PLR. I don't mind sharing the throne with this lady because honestly when it comes to written content she's better than me.

Here are several PLR bundles from her for various niches. Each bundle includes full blown products and content you can use in various ways. You get PLR to everything in the bundles.

Internet marketing/make money online PLR Bundle 1 – https://todayinplr.com/blog/IMBundle1

Internet marketing/make money online PLR Bundle 2 – https://todayinplr.com/blog/IMBundle2

Stress, Panic, Anxiety and Depression PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/StressAnxietyDepressionBundle

Diabetes PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/DiabetesBundle

Diet and Weight Loss PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/DietAndWeightLossBundle

Halloween Costumes PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/HalloweenCostumesBundle

Homestead and Survival Bundle PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/HomesteadAndSurvivalBundle

Self Help PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/SelfHelpBundle

Fitness PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/FitnessBundle

Anti Aging Bundle PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/AntiAgingBundle

Pet PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/PetBundle

Coffee PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/CoffeeBundle

Dating and Relationship PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/DatingAndRelationshipsBundle

Health and Wellness Bundle PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/HealthAndWellnessBundle

Money and Savings Bundle PLR Bundle – https://todayinplr.com/blog/MoneyAndSavingsBundle

2. PLR Bundles From PLR.me – This site specializes in self help and personal finance PLR content, and there bundles are AWESOME! You can see all of their bundles at https://todayinplr.com/PLRmeBundles

To your PLR success!


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