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Hi there! Liz Tomey here again, and thanks for picking up The Email List Building PLR Content Package! All of your downloads are below. Please make sure you download your license file for proof that you have purchased this package.

Before you take off and go download crazy...

I have a Facebook group that's for PLR users call the My PLR Mastermind. It's a place for you to get help with using PLR content, network with others who use PLR in their business, and on certain days I even allow you to promote stuff.

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The Email List Building PLR Content Package

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Click here to download the lead magnet.

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Click here to download the social media graphics.

Click here to download the social media quote graphics.

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The PLR Profits Coach Live How To Workshop

In this workshop I'll layout your options for using all of this content and show you exactly how to create a plan to use it all. Everything starts with a plan, so I want to make sure you have a clear plan depending on your business.

Click here to download all the files to view this workshop along with all the PLR files. 

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