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Dear Online Biz Owner,

If you want to make at least 6 figures online this year I'm going to show you how right now how to do it... Without you having to buy a thing from me!

All you need to do is focus on just these five things...

5 Steps To Get To Six Figures:

Create a squeeze page so that you can build an email list. This is where profits start!
Have a special offer that people see after they join your email list. This way people who opt-in to your email list can make you money instantly!
Have a few products that you can sell to that email list, so you make even more money! These don't even have to be your products!
Have emails that are automatically sent to your list that sell those products to your subscribers on autopilot... This is how you make money while you sleep!
Get traffic to your squeeze page and let the system do all the selling for you! This is automated money making!

That's it! Seriously!

Seems simple right?

This system has worked for years and continues to do so, and as long as the Internet is around it will continue to work!

It's been working for ME and hundreds of thousands of others for YEARS

It's completely proven!

And here's the BEST news...

It's going to be WAY easier for you because if you let me, I'm going to just hand you one of my proven systems that has all ALL the components I just mentioned and more... It's totally ready for you to plug-in, start using, and start making money with!

But I've got some scary truths for you if you want to do this all on your own...

Are you ready to hear them?

The Truth Hurts And It's Freakin' U-G-L-Y!

Creating a system with all of these components in it is VERY profitable, but there is WORK involved if you're going to do it all yourself!


Here's the honest truth about what I just revealed to you...

Truth #1: Creating a squeeze page with a free offer that actually gets people to subscribe can be a nightmare when you don't know what you're doing.

You've got to pick a niche, figure out what they want, create what they want, create copy that makes them want it, and on and on and on!

There's a heck of a learning curve here, but when you get it right... it's the start of your own "ATM machine".

Truth #2: Creating a product and turning it into a special offer takes time, knowledge, and a lot of skill!

Again you have to figure out what your niche wants, then create a product that fills that want, and then create sales copy that makes them what your product, and a few other "special sauce" type things.

I remember when I did this for the first time and I failed MISERABLY! Like the first 20 times I failed miserably if you want to get REAL honest here.

Truth #3: Now having ONE product probably isn't going to be able to get you that "dream income" you want. The key to really blowing your income up is to have MULTIPLE products that you can sell to the list your building.

Again you have to rinse and repeat what I just told you above. Figuring out what your niche wants, then creating several products that fill those wants (or finding affiliate products that will sell well), and then creating sales copy for each of those products, and on and on.

This is SO time consuming, and not to mention it can really suck the life out of you.

Truth #4: To automate this kind of system you need to create emails that your list opens, actually reads, clicks on the links in those emails, and finally BUYS!

Depending on how many products you have will depend on how many emails you have, but at a minimum you need a few emails that make your list like, know, and trust you, and then a few emails for EACH product you have that entice them into buying your other products.

It takes a lot of copy skills, email marketing knowledge, and time to create these emails for your system and they MUST be good or you'll never make any money!

I bet your brain is about to ooze out of your eyeball holes just thinking about all of this!

But here's the good news...

You don't have to do any of this yourself because...

Now You Can Steal My Proven Done For You System And Use It For Your Own Profits!

Look... I know those truths from above were hard to read, but before you totally give up I want to make you a special offer that will allow YOU to take what I've successfully done and use it for your self.

You see, I've been running an online business since 2004 and I have made money in multiple ways in over 20 different niches! It's taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but after just a few years I had a multiple six figure a year business on my hands and years later it's still running strong!

The system I revealed to you at the start of this letter is what has allowed me to create a multiple six-figure a year business over the last almost... TWO decades!

Now using all of my experience, expertise, and know-how I have put together a system for YOU

One that YOU can use and begin making money with in just a few hours from right now!

I've done all of the hard work for you!

No need to pick a niche... I've done it for you!

No need to create a squeeze page... I've done it for you!

No need to create products or find affiliate products... I've done it for you!

No need to create an email series... I've done it for you!

Everything is packaged up and ready to go for you inside of this ready to go money getting squeeze page system!

Introducing The Passive Income Niche
Squeeze Page System... With Reseller PLR!

Component #1: Done For You Lead Magnet - The Passive Income Streams Empire

If you don't have a lead magnet (free offer) that people REALLY WANT, you'll never get them on your list!

This is the biggest problem most people have with their squeeze pages. They are trying to give away something no one wants!

That will NEVER work… You’re done from the start!

This is why I created The Passive Income Streams Empire guide for you to use as your own lead magnet...

I’m solving this problem for you because people will fall over themselves to give you their email to get this because it solves a HUGE problem for THEM!

Creating passive incomes!

This is one of the most profitable niches I've ever been in and this lead magnet is going to have people not only giving you their email address to get their hands on it, but it will also make you money with your own affiliate links build right into it!

This lead magnet is so good you could even charge a premium price for it as your own product! Yes! It's THAT good!

You can use this free offer as is or edit it with your own information. (I'll even show you how!)

You could work weeks creating your own free offer or spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars getting it created and MAYBE have something people want...

OR you can have this done for you in-demand lead magnet right now that is PROVEN to get people on your list!

Component #2: Done For You Squeeze Page 

The other half of the battle to getting people to get on your list is having a PROFESSIONAL looking page with sales copy that entices them to WANT your free offer.

Most people are using poorly designed pages with sales copy that does NOTHING to make people want to get on their list.

Again... You fail before you even get started when you do it this way!

With this done for your system, you'll get professionally created squeeze page copy that you can use to build your squeeze page in any builder (or HTML) that you want.

Side Note: Don't worry... If you're not techy I'm going to show you how to do it all!

You can then send traffic to and it will actually get that traffic to WANT your free offer and jump right on your list to get it!

This is the biggest key to successfully building a list, and I've created it all for you so that it WORKS!

Not only that, but I'm also giving you a monetized thank you AND download page that your subscribers can access, download the free offer, and if they click on any of the offers on your download page and buy you MAKE money...

Yes! I'm even giving you the opportunity to make money as soon as people subscribe to your list!

Imagine getting paid when people JOIN your list...

This squeeze page system is easy to setup (I'll show you how to do it) and you can customize it any way that you want!

Component #3: Done For You 1 Month Email Campaign

To totally make this an automated system I created 13 emails as a month long email campaign that you can add your affiliate links to, load into your autoresponder, and collect commissions with over and over and over again.

Within this 1 month email campaign I included very informative emails that will automatically build your relationship with your new subscribers which is part of getting them to buy from you. You've got to build that like, know, and trust and that's exactly what these emails do!

I didn't stop there though...

I also monetized these emails with products that you can be an affiliate for. These emails all entice your subscriber to buy the product from YOUR affiliate links...

This is the "icing on the cake" of this offer, and I'll even show you how to edit these emails and load them into your autoresponder.

Once this machine is setup there is NO stopping it!

It's perfect automated income!

... and of course you can edit these emails with any other info you want, add your own personal touch, etc. However, you can also use them as is because they're all ready to use!

Component #4: Done For Your Customizable Graphics

This done for you package wouldn't be complete without professionally created graphics, right?

When people see a great-looking graphic it helps them visualize that product. This is especially important with digital products. They are getting a download instead of a physical product, so SEEING a graphic that represents what they’re getting allows them to imagine having something physical. It makes it feel REAL and that adds value!

So, I’m giving you a whole package of eye-catching graphics!

Not only am I giving you graphics to use with this system, but you can also edit these graphics and make any changes you want very easily!

You'll get these graphics in both the flat cover format and the ecover versions along with the editable Canva links (so you can make any changes you want) of all of the covers.

I'm also giving you these graphics in different groupings and in individual formats.

This will allow you to use them in promotional material like social media marketing, on your website, in ads, etc.

You can make any edits or changes to these graphics that you want including changing the name of the product, the design, and anything else you want!

Component #5: Done For You Affiliate Product Research

And here's the money part!

I went deep into researching this niche (plus I have over 20 years of hands-on experience in it) so I know the problems and needs that people face within it.

I took those problems and needs and found 6 (six) different products that would help those people and meet their needs.

I then "wove" recommendations and mentions of these 6 different products within the lead magnet and the emails so that you can pop-in your own affiliate links for them.

This makes this a totally automated AND monetized system!

As people subscribe to get your lead magnet, they are exposed to YOUR affiliate links within the lead magnet and the emails that you'll send that are included with this system. Not only that, on the thank you and download page I have also made recommendations for these products where you can put your affiliate links in too!

To make this super easy for you, I created a guide that shows you how to signup for each affiliate program, how to get approved and get your affiliate links, and exactly where each affiliate link opportunity is in the lead magnet, every email, and the squeeze pages so you can go right to that spot and put YOUR affiliate link in.

I've done all the work and research for you!

Just pop in your links and this entire system is monetized with YOUR affiliate links!

Plus You Get Reseller PLR To This Entire System!

And here's where I just absolutely blow the lid off this offer...

I'm also going to give you a Reseller PLR license to this entire done for you system!

You will get Reseller PLR to every component in this system which means you can edit it in any way that you want...

You can use it as your own system in your own business, resell the entire system to your own customers, use it as content for anything you want, and YES! even sell the PLR to all (or any part you want) to others.

This kicks the doors wide open on even more ways to profit with this system.

With a Reseller PLR license the ONLY two things you can't do is...

1. Use my name in your marketing. 

2. Give away the RIGHTS for free to use the content. You can sell the rights. You just can't give away any kind of PLR or resell rights to the content.

As you can see, this kind of Reseller PLR licensing really allows you the freedom to profit with this content in just about any way that you want!

And... Are you ready for this?

...The Reseller PLR license to this content is yours at NO additional cost!

It comes with your purchase of The Passive Income Niche Squeeze Page System!

Yes! It's A Complete Done For You Money Getting System With Reseller PLR!

Everything I just told you that you're getting is a complete done for you, automated money making system WITH Reseller PLR!

This is a complete ready to go money making system that gives you a squeeze page to build your list, a special offer to make you money right away, affiliate products to make you even more money, and a full 1 month email campaign to allow you to automate every part of the process!

All your left to do is drive traffic, and I'll even teach you how to do that!

This is an entire business that you can easily run since I've done all of the hard work for you...

Plus you have so many other ways to make money with it by having that Reseller PLR license!

But... I'm far from done!

I want to grab your hand and lead you all the way to total success with this system!

I'm not going to stop at giving you everything you need to set this system up...

I'm even going to train you to set it up and start making money with it right away!

This bonus training and coaching is just more than a few "things" I threw together. They're like getting an entire marketing "how to" education for FREE!

This is me as your personal coach showing you how to set everything up, and even how to make money with it right away!

Just look at the bonus training you're going to get...

Bonus #1: Quick Start Setup Workshop

In this workshop I'll show you exactly how to get everything all setup quickly and easy! Yes! You'll be able to watch me set everything up step-by-step and have your entire system up and ready to take orders!

I'll show you how to get a domain name, hosting, and an autoresponder or plug this into your existing website. I'll then show you how to take each of the components you get and set it all so that you can have everything running on autopilot!

Once everything is setup you have NOTHING to do because your system is an automated machine that runs on its own!

Bonus #2: The Traffic In 24 Hours Workshop

Once you have your system all setup, you're going to need to get subscribers so you can start making money! That means you're going to need traffic!

In The Traffic In 24 Hours Workshop I'll show you the exact traffic methods you can start using to get subscribers in as little as 24 hours!

These are the exact strategies I use in my business to fuel my systems and make money on autopilot, so I KNOW they work!

I'll be revealing them all to you, so you can do the exact same thing and get the traffic that you NEED to start profiting with your system!

Bonus #3: The Make More Money Workshop

Making money with your system doesn't stop at GETTING subscribers and them going through your system... There's so much more!

You can continue to make money from your subscribers in many different ways and that's exactly what I'll be teaching you to do in this workshop!

I'll show you several ways that you can make additional income from your subscribers, and it's all super easy to do...

Having a system that pays your bills each month is great, but it's even BETTER when you can make even more money to spend on the "fun stuff", right?

That's what this workshop is all about... making MORE money!

Here's the bottom line... With these amazing bonuses you'll learn everything you need to know to get this system all setup and running and making you money!

Nothing can hold you back now!

I'm giving you EVERYTHING here! EVERYTHING you need to have a money making system for yourself, and EVERYTHING you need to learn to market it so you can get subscribers giving you their money over and over and over again!

But... It gets even better!

Are You Ready To Profit With This Content Or Are You Going To Do Things The Hard Way?

I'm giving you every single thing you need to succeed here!

The complete done for your system...

The training on how to set it up, use it, and profit from it...

The Reseller PLR to the entire system...

This offer just CAN NOT get any better and this IS your best chance at having your own system that can use to create a massive income!

Just to recap, here's everything you're getting...

Done For You Free Offer: I charge $497 an hour for my time. I don't know what you charge for yours, but if you were to do this yourself and let's just say you charge half of that it would take you about 12-14 working hours to put this kind of quality content together. That's around $2500!

Done For You Squeeze System: If you were to pay to have this system created for you, graphics would cost you $150, sales copy would cost at least another $500, and getting it all put together would EASILY cost you another $1000+.

Done For You Email Campaign: Having emails written for you can cost a small fortune, and it's totally worth it because these are like individual little salesmen. My copywriter charges $250 an email and you're getting 13 of them in your month long email campaign! That's another $3200!

Done For Your Affiliate Product Research: I spent hours finding the best of the best affiliate programs that are related to this niche and that actually sell. This kind of research you can’t even put a price tag on because of the amount of experience and knowledge that it takes is hard to find. It would be hard to find someone to even do this for you and find products that fit the niche and actually will sell!

So, you're looking at about $7,000+ to have all of this put together for you, but I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that...

Not even half of that!

Not even a quarter of that!

As a special launch price, you can get everything here for only a one-time payment of only $97, but you've got to act before the special launch price expires!

Once the countdown timer below expires the price will go back to the original $197 price!

Just click on the order button below and you'll get instant access to the download page where you can download this done for you system, get your Reseller PLR license, and access all the strategic bonuses I have created to get you started making money!

See you on the inside...

Hurry! 50% Discount Expires Soon!

Grab The RESELLER PLR To The Passive Income Niche Squeeze Page System!

Only 100 11 License Left!

Can use as is or with edits for your own personal use.
Can modify and edit content.
Can be branded and sold to the end user with personal use rights.
Can put your name as author of the content.
Can be translated into a different language.
Can be used for content on article sites.
Can be used as website/blog/membership site content, email content, and video content.
Can use the content to create any type of product with rights.
Can resell this entire PLR package as is (or with edits) with PLR rights.
Cannot give any type of rights to the content away for free
Cannot use my name in any way in your marketing of this content!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is All Of The Content Original Content?

Yes! Every single piece of content has been created by me (Liz Tomey) personally. I don't hire anyone to create the content for my PLR packages so I know every single thing that's in this package is 100% original and created with the highest level of quality!

Are There Any Upsells?

Yes! There is one upsell to get additional PLR content at a super low price. It is not required and you don't need it if you don't want more PLR content. But... Who doesn't want more PLR content??? 

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

No! I know this content is of the highest quality. I do not offer refunds on any of my PLR content.

What Are The Rights For This Content?

The rights for this content are listed above the order button. You're getting RESELLER PLR to this content so you can basically do anything except give away the PLR rights to the content and/or use my name in your marketing of the content. And YES! You can sell this as your own PLR product too!

How Can I Contact You With More Questions?

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about what I'm covering in this workshop by contacting me at

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