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Liz Tomey

1 monetized lead magnet. Over 11,700 words and 31 pages!
10 content pieces in multiple formats. Over 11,000 words and 28 pages!
10 emails to help you engage with your list and lead them to your content!
30 Social media images to pull in traffic to your website.
10 videos you can use in multiple marketing strategies.
10 audios you can use for content and/or marketing!
Bonuses to help you use this content to make money and get traffic!

Dear Online Marketer,

If you've found this page, then you already know that the "make money online" niche is a super-hot niche! And now more than ever, with so many people out of work and looking for ways to make money online you can be a super hero to thousands upon thousands of people by providing them with the information they NEED to be able to succeed!

I've come back into the PLR world to provide YOU with done for you killer content with private label rights for this niche on a ton of different topics so that you can not only help these people that need it so badly, but also be able to profit by helping them too!

When you get the PLR (private label rights) to this done for you content package, you'll be able to use it in many ways to make money with this niche without all of the headache and time consuming work of creating the content yourself!

You can…

Create a blog and use the content on your blog. Monetize the content with your affiliate links and make money!
Use the content to get traffic from your social media profiles. You can send that traffic to anything you want!
Build a list and build a relationship with that list so you can actually get them to open your emails and buy from you!
Create a YouTube channel with the content and use it to grab all that traffic from YouTube!
Be seen as an expert in the make money online niche and having people coming to you to learn what they are dying to know to succeed!
Use the content to create your "freebie" to give away to build your list quickly and easily!

I could go on and on here, but I'm sure by now you just want to see what I've packed into this PLR package, so let's get right to it…

The "Make Money With PLR"
PLR Content Package

I've created this package for any marketer, coach, influencer, blogger etc. that's in the make money online niche to allow you to profit and market with it in any way you choose! Here's exactly what you'll find inside...

Monetized Lead Magnet

This isn't just any lead magnet. This is a fully monetized lead magnet that you can use to build your list, and make money with it because you can monetize it with your affiliate links.

I have added in "promotional blurbs" within this lead magnet that you can insert your affiliate links into, and make money when your reader buys through your link.

Of course you can use the lead magnet in any other way you want to, including removing any promotional blurbs you don't want to use.

This lead magnet was created as a 31 page report (11,764 words) and I created it by combining all the articles in this package along with an introduction and a "wrap up" section to make it a report instead of just a bunch of articles put together. This is a very information report that will educated the reader about all the ways to make money with PLR in one easy to read guide!

10 Content Pieces In Multiple Formats

I researched and found the hottest topics related to making money with PLR to talk about and then created a 1,000 word+ piece of content for each topic. Here are the topics along with page and word counts of each piece of content...

Private Label Rights (PLR) Content Fully Explained (1043 Words) (3 pages)

How To Make Money With Every PLR Package You Buy! (1408 Words) (4 pages)

The Step By Step System To Making Money With Reseller PLR! (1030 Words) (3 pages)

How To Make Money With PLR As A Blogger (1136 Words) (3 pages)

How To Make Money Creating And Selling PLR Content (1037 Words) (3 pages)

How To Cash In On Low Content Products Using PLR Content (1109 Words) (3 pages)

Create And Profit From Your Own YouTube Channel Using PLR Content (1154 Words) (3 pages)

7 Tactics Affiliate Marketers Can Use To Make Money With PLR Content (1028 Words) (3 pages)

Create Your Own Hot Selling Products With PLR Content (1086 Words) (3 pages)

Create Your Coloring Book Empire With PLR Content (1085 Words) (3 pages)

You will get all 10 content pieces in both Word and Txt format!

10 Content Announcement Emails

If you have an email list (or plans for one in the future) you're going to need content for that list. So, I created an email for each of the pieces of content from above that you can use to get your list in front of your content!

All you need to do is add your name to the emails, the link to your content, make any changes that you want (no editing needed if you don't want to edit), and you can either send it out to your list or even add it to your autoresponder messages.

You could use these emails as an automated system to put all of this content in front of every person that gets on your list!

10 Social Media Images X 3 Platforms

I took the 10 content pieces from above and took a "blurb" from each piece and created an image for it for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

You can take these images, add your own branding to them, and post them to social media to bring traffic to the content or anything else you want to bring traffic to.

You can also use them in any other way you want such as images for your blog/website, images for emails, etc. 

You'll get 1 social media image per mentioned social platform for a total of 30 images!

Don't worry if you don't know how to edit or use these images. I've even added a bonus workshop that will show you exactly how to brand these 

10 Content Videos

People love videos, and they're going to LOVE these content filled videos.

I took each of the articles and turned each one of them into a content video for you, so that you can use in many different ways. 

You can take these, add your branding, add your affiliate links, or anything else you want to do with them.

Then use them as content for your YouTube channel or content for your blog, or even content for your various social media channels.

You'll be provided with the videos in mp4 format which can be edited in just about any video editing software or app you want to use.

Don't worry... In my big surprise bonus below, you'll see that I'll be teaching you all kinds of cool things to do with these videos!

10 Content Audios

I've also taken each of the articles in this package and turned them into audio files for you. You can use these in many ways like...

Create your own visual videos and add these audios to them.

Use them as part of a podcast.

Use them to create an audio playlist that you give away or charge for.

use them as an audio product or as an add on to any product.

... and so many more ways.

You'll get the individual audio files for each of the articles in this package to use just about any way that you want to.

I'm Going To Give You The Content And Show You How To Profit With It Too!

As you can see that's a lot of content in this package on a hot topic in one of the hottest niches (make money online) and there are many ways that you can use this content too!

But, to make this package even better I want to give you a massive bonus to help you with actually USING this content.

You see, besides creating PLR content I also teach online marketers how to use and profit from PLR content of all types, and I want to give you access to a LIVE online workshop where I'll be showing you how to use every piece of the content in this package in multiple ways to market your business and even make money with it!

Here's what you're going to get…

The PLR Profits Coach Live How To Workshop 

In this live workshop I'll layout your options for using all of this content and show you exactly how to create a plan to use it all. Everything starts with a plan, so I want to make sure you have a clear plan depending on your business.

We will also cover...

How to use the content to build your list.
How to use the content to get traffic in multiple ways.
How to use the content to make money as an affiliate marketer.
How to use the content to create your own products.
And so much more!

Anything and everything you want to know about using this PLR package will be covered in this workshop and you can even ask me questions as we go along or send in your questions and I'll answer them if you can't attend!

And not only that… Once this workshop is complete, you'll also get the private label rights to it too! You can take the content and use it in any way that you would like with the exception of using my name and/or passing on any rights to the content. 

So, not only are you going to get a massive PLR package crammed full of amazing content for a hot profit niche, but you're also going to get a LIVE workshop with me (recordings of the workshop will be available if you can't attend live) showing you exactly how to use it all in your marketing and other ways to profit with it, AND you're going to get PLR to that workshop too!

At this point though you might be thinking...

Wow! This lady is really bringing it, but who is she and why should I buy from her?

That's a great question... Let me answer it for you!

But Why Should I Buy And Use Content Created By You?

Hi there! So, you may be wondering just who I am if you've never heard of me. I just want to take 20 seconds and introduce myself, so you know who the lady behind the scenes is and why my PLR content is some of the best you'll find anywhere online…

My name is Liz Tomey and since 2004 I've been showing people how to create online businesses to fund a life they LOVE through those online businesses.

I've created dozens of online businesses in over 20 different niches for myself and have helped 1000's of people create their own successful and profitable online businesses.

I've also shown online business owners how to get traffic in various ways and several different techniques for online selling. If there's a way to get traffic or sell something online, I've probably taught it at some point over the past 17 years.

I've also been creating and selling all types of PLR content since about 2005, and I've mainly done it for those in the Internet marketing and make money online niches because I know this niche inside and out.

If you're looking for content that you can sell and actually make money with. If you're looking for content you can use in your marketing and be seen like a real expert. If you're looking for content to use in your affiliate marketing to really pull in the sales. Then I'm the girl you want to be buying content from. 

Plain and simple…

I don't say all of this to brag. I say all of this because I'm a real person with real knowledge who can truly help you with all of your content needs, and I can't wait to see what you do with my content to create your own success!

Grab Your License Before The Price Goes Up!

Okay, so I've showed you everything that's in this package. I'm giving you an amazing bonus to help you use and profit with all of this content. I've shown you I'm more than qualified to create this kind of content and it's the same level of quality that I use in my own business! 

Now it's time for you to choose your license below and grab this high quality content to start using in your own business!

When you purchase today you'll get everything listed above including the bonus of The PLR Profits Coach Live How To Workshop where I'll teach you how to use every component of this package. 

choose your image

The price increases with every sale and after the timer expires this package will go to its normal pricing which is more than double what you'll see on this page right now, so NOW is the time to get the best deal possible!

Choose the license below that you want to use to profit from, click on the order button, and you'll be taken to the download page to start your profitable journey with me!

The "Make Money With PLR"
PLR Content Package


Private Label Reseller Rights

100 36 License Left

Can modify and edit content
Can be branded and sold to the end user with personal use rights
Can put your name as author of the content.
Can be translated into a different language
Can be used for content on article sites.
Can be used as website/blog/membership site content, email content, and video content.
You can use the content to create any type of product with rights.
You can resell this entire PLR package as is (or with edits) with PLR rights.
Cannot give any type of rights away for free.
Cannot use my name in any way!
choose your image

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is All Of The Content Original Content?

Question One

Yes! Every single piece of content has been created from scratch by me (Liz Tomey) personally. I don't hire anyone to create the content for my PLR packages so I know every single thing that's in this package is 100% original and created with the highest level of quality!

Are There Any Upsells?

Question Two

Yes! There is one upsell to get additional training from me on using PLR content in your marketing and in your business to make money. It is not required and you don't need it if you don't want to learn more about using and profiting from PLR content.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee? 

Question 3

No! I know this content is of the highest quality. I do not offer refunds on any of my PLR content.

What Are The Rights For This Content?

Question 4

Depending on what license you decide to get will depend on your rights. The rights for both licenses I offer are all listed above the order button.

How Can I Contact You With More Questions?

Question 5

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about what I'm covering in this workshop by contacting me at

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