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Where Can You Buy PLR With Resell Rights?

Most of the time when you buy a PLR package you can take the content and use it as your own.

Things like creating products out of it or using it for website content or one of the other 1000's of ways you can use PLR.

However, you CAN NOT resell the PLR to others.

MOST of the time…

But now, more and more people are offering resell rights to their PLR and when they do that not only can you make money by USING the PLR, but you can also make money by SELLING it.

Sidenote: I acutally have an entire workshop (The PLR Resellers Profits Blueprint Workshop) that teaches how to do this at

So I've created this post to give you links to places where I know you can buy PLR with resell rights. If you find sources for PLR with resell rights PLEASE let me know so I can check them out and place a link to them here.


1. I create tons of workshops and offer the PLR resell rights to almost all of them. These are full blown workshops that include videos, scripts, resource documents, and other teaching aids. Here are the sites that I offer them from,, and

2. If you follow me on Facebook you know I've had a fake publicly secret love affair with Arun Chandran for years now. He's my PLR Boo <3 He's also one of the greatest content creators online and I not only adore him, but his content too. He has an entire site where you can buy the resell rights to this PLR at

3. AWeber Crash Course 2.0 – This is an entire video course on how to use the popular Aweber autoresponder service. The sales letter says master resell rights a few times, but I checked with the creator and you DO get PLR resell rights to this!

I'll add more resources as I find them. As I said… If you find something that comes with PLR AND resell rights to the PLR please let me know!


Brand New 5 Day Workshop With FULL PLR!

I'm back, and I have launched my first workshop with PLR of 2021!

Whooo hoo! 🎉🎉🎉

And this one is on a super super hot topic.

Getting traffic with INSTAGRAM!

This is a LIVE workshop I'll be doing where I will show you…

1. Everything you need to know about Instagram and how all the “things” (Posts, Reels, IGTV, and stories) work.

2. How to setup an optimized profile so you can actually get traffic from Instagram into YOUR business

3. My hashtag strategy that you absolutely HAVE to have to get followers the EASY way.

4. The different types of content you can use on Instagram and what type of content does what for you and your business.

5. Every strategy I know to help you get a ton of followers, and keeps your follower number growing on Instagram.

6. How to use automation to save a ton of time on Instagram.

7. How to create your very own customized day-to-day Instagram traffic game plan!

I'll be covering ALL of this LIVE over a 5 day period of time, and by the time you get done with this workshop, you will be an Instagram expert and have all the know how to use Instagram to create a never ending stream of traffic into your business!

And you can get PLR to the whole workshop and profit-from it in a ton of ways.


I'm only selling 100 PLR licenses!


You only have 3 days to get a license at the special launch pricing!


Take a few minutes right now and grab a license before the price goes up or they all sell out!

Okay… That's it for now. I'm going to go veg out on a new documentary series I found on YouTube. I LOVE documentaries on just about any subject. Always be learning.😊 I'm such a dork. 😂

Have a great evening….

Talk soon!


New PLR Package! Launch Pricing!

Oh yeah! I found a killer PLR package today that I just had to tell you about!

Here's why I LOVE this PLR package…

1. It was created by Jim Landers (Jupiter Jim) who I adore for the person he is and his brilliant mind. This guy knows what he's doing and he's a great teacher as you'll see in the PLR product.

2. It's a HOT HOT HOT topic. Learning to use Aweber is something a lot of people want to know about. Hot topics = profitability!

3. During the initial launch (it only lasts a few more days) you can pick it up for $10!

This is a full blown course PLUS you even get a sales page to sell it.

These kind of PLR products are what I call “PLR money products”. You can use them and create a product that you can sell.

Of course you get PLR to it so you can do so much more, but these are my favorite because you can directly make money from them.

Now as I said… The price is only good through the launch, so make sure you pick this up right now, so you don't forget and end up missing out on a killer PLR product at a killer price!

Talk soon!



Update: I just talked to Jim. This offer just got even better. When you grab this you also get the right to resell the PLR to this entire thing. That's a great way to profit! This is an awesome offer at an insanely low price!

[PLR] Affiliate Marketing Using PLR Content – Tactics!

Yesterday I told you about the latest PLR license you can pick up from me for my Social Affiliate Marketing Profits Blueprint Workshop. If you missed that you can pick up your license at

Today though I want to give you TWO ways you can use this as an affiliate marketer and make money!.

Affiliate marketers sometimes forget about how useful PLR can be in their business, so here's a beginner friendly tactic and an advanced tactic.

Beginner Tactic:

Take the entire Social Affiliate Marketing Profits Blueprint Workshop and give it away to get people on your list. You can give it to them all at once or even better send it to them one day at a time for 5 days. It's a 5 day workshop so this will work best. PLUS you'll get them opening up each day for FIVE days. That's a GREAT habit to get them into. 😉

You could create additional follow up email recommending products that you're an affiliate for. Plus broadcast out to that list each time you come across something new you could tell them about. Cha-ching!

Boom! An amazing list builder for you, and you're people are going to LOVE you because this content is AMAZING!

Advanced Tactic:

This is for you advanced affiliate marketers. 🙂 Most of the time we never think about having our own products when it comes to being an affiliate marketer, but if you take this, brand it to you, set it up as your own product, and give OTHER affiliates 100% commissions you could have OTHERS building a list of BUYERS for you!

At 100% commissions you wont make-money off of the product, but it will build you a list of BUYERS that you can market related products to that you're an affiliate for.

Now I've given you TWO tactics here, and you can use them (or any of the other 1000 tactics you can use with PLR content) with the Social Affiliate Marketing Profits Workshop. Pick up the PLR to it at

You've only got 1 more day to pick up your license at the discounted price. Once that timer expires the price DOUBLES until all licenses are gone and then the offer expires forever.

Make sure you stop what you're doing and grab this now >>>

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