I can't believe this…

All of this…

My good friend and PLR husband Arun Chandran has now released THREE PLR packages in one year! 😳

Here is his latest >>> http://www.TodayInPLR.com/FinancialPlanningPLR

This is PLR to 50 different articles on financial planning for newbies.

Yes! 50 articles all written by Arun (not some chopped up garbage content), and he has taken them and broken them down into 6 categories…

Financial Planning: The Basics
Financial Planning: Debt Management
Financial Planning: For Teens
Financial Planning: Investing
Financial Planning: For Couples
Financial Planning: For Retirement

Now if you're not in this niche, NOW is the time to hop in.

You could get a great little domain name, setup a blog, and use the articles for content JUST to get you started.

For marketing you could take the content and create informational videos and upload them to YouTube and optimize them to be found in search. That will get you traffic.

For marketing you could also take “highlights” of the content, create social media images using Canva, and have a ton of content to continually post to social media. Brand those images with your domain name and you'll get traffic.

Monetize your blog with all that content on it by sprinkling in your affiliate links.

Boom! Instant niche business…

This is a HOT niche, and I do highly recommend you scoop these up, BUT…

A little secret… The little plan I just gave you could be used for any PLR package, so make sure you save what I just said and apply it every single time you come across a niche PLR package like this.

But this is a great niche, to get started in and put this plan into action!

You can grab Arun's brand new PLR package at http://www.TodayInPLR.com/FinancialPlanningPLR

One last little tip here…

There is an upsell to get PLR to 5 different lead magnets he also created for the financial planning niche.

Take one of these and put a pop-up on your blog that gives one of these away and you'll also be able to build a list in this niche to profit-from.

Now we are full circle and I just told you exactly how to take this entire package and create a full blown niche business.

Grab the package now and go get started!


Let me know if you have any questions about doing anything I've discussed here… You can leave your comments below and I'll reply back to you!