Every industry has it's own lingo and phrases. And then each person has their own lingo and phrases. It can get pretty crazy when you're trying to learn something.

If you were to go into the model train niche and start talking about squeeze pages, and ROI, and selling digital products those people would get really confused.

Even in this industry (Internet marketing/make money online) sometimes I see a phrase or a word and I think to myself… “What is that person talking about?”

There are two phrases I use in PLR that some people might be confused about so I wanted to talk about those two phrases today.

What are they?

PLR Money Products

PLR Content Products

PLR Money Products are products that you can take and turn into products for yourself.

You can buy software, ebooks, videos, journals, and on and on and turn those into your own products.

You setup a sales page, download page, slap an order button on them, and boom. You're off selling.

See… PLR Money Products…

Any kind of PLR content you can take and turn into a product is a PLR Money Product.

Yes you can take articles and smash them together into a product, but that's really hard.

Buying full blown PLR products is the way to go if you want your own products.

Don't discount those PLR articles though! There's a place for them in…

PLR Content Products!

PLR Content Products are packages of content that you can buy and use it for whatever you want (within the terms of the license).

I suggest you use them for content for your blogs to do content marketing, or in your emails, or on social media or any of the other ways you can use content that isn't full blown products.

Yes these two things can overlap in some instances…

Like my example above where I talked about taking PLR articles and creating a product or the flip side of that you can take a product and break it up into articles to use as content, but generally if you use PLR PRODUCTS as products (PLR Money Products) and PLR CONTENT as content you will have a lot less work to do with it!

I've been creating PLR products and content for years now. Since about 2004. I have also been teaching how to use PLR to make money and how to use it in your marketing since about that time too!

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Okay… That's it for now…

I wish you much success on your journey with PLR!