The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Every PLR Package You Ever Buy!

I've been creating and selling PLR (private label rights) content as well as teaching others how to use it since 2005.

It's currently 2022 so, that's 17 years now. Yes, in Internet years I am ancient. Heck, to people born after 1995 I'm ancient. 😊 But my point here is I've been doing this for a very very very long time, and I've taught A LOT of people how to make money with PLR too.

So, today I want to show you how to make money with every PLR purchase you ever make.

Let's start at the very beginning. We're going to talk about what PLR is, what options you have with profitably using it, and WHERE to get the best PLR available.

Let's get started with…

What Is PLR (Private Label Rights) Content?

PLR stands for private label rights, and when you buy PLR to content you can then use that content however you want as long as it follows what the license for that product states.

Everything that you get PLR to will come with a license. If it does not, then you need to contact the creator and ask what rights you have to the content.

Some people are very liberal with their content and some people are NOT. For the most part when you get PLR to content you can generally take that content and use it for just about any purpose you want.

* Creating your own products

* Creating content for your websites

* Creating emails for your subscribers

* Creating graphics

* Creating social media content

* And sometimes you can even resell the PLR content as your own PLR content!

And on and on and on…

The first step though is to make sure that you…

Buy High Quality PLR Content

You need to make sure that you are buying QUALITY content. Buy from people who you know and trust or from the people THEY recommend.

For example, I know most PLR creators and I know who does and doesn't create quality content. So, I created a page of those I recommend. I have a reputation as a great content creator, and I only recommend other great content creators. So that makes me a great resource.

Of course, there are others who are great too, but you need to make sure you find people to follow and buy from that ONLY create high quality content.

Note: You can see who I recommend at

Most people fail with PLR because they buy the cheapest PLR content they can, open it up, and find that they basically have to recreate all the content because it's so bad. Why buy PLR content if you have to change almost all of it!

So, start off on the right foot and make sure you're buying the highest quality PLR content even if you have to pay MORE for it. It's worth the investment because of the amount of time you will save and you have a better chance at making money with better content.

The next thing you need to do is…

Plan Your Money Strategy

When you purchase a PLR package you should have some kind of idea what you want to do with it to make money. You don't have to have anything “in stone”, but you need to at least have a general idea. If not, then why are you buying it?

When it comes to things you can do with PLR content, you have a lot of options. I talked about a few above, but…

You can…

* Create a product to sell either as your front-end product or a product for a funnel you're creating.

* Create bonus products for your own products or products you're an affiliate for.

* Use the content for content marketing and get traffic from your efforts.

* Use the content to create an email series and promote your own products in the content or products you're an affiliate for.

* Use the content to fill your blog with content.

* Use the content for social media marketing.

And the list goes on and on and on…

But you need to have some kind of idea of what you want to do with the PLR you buy before you even buy it.

Once you've bought it, then I recommend you download ALL of it into a folder of its own on your computer. Go through every single bit of it, and as you're going through it take notes of ideas you get, changes you want to make, ways to use it, etc. Basically, do a brain dump of everything that comes to your mind. You can then revisit your notes and make a complete plan for actually using it.

Tip: When I take notes I use a free software called Notepad ++. If you follow my teachings, you'll see me using this thing for all kinds of stuff. 😉

If you have no idea what you want to do with PLR content and you know you want to use it because it's a great content shortcut here's what you can do…

Ask yourself what's the first thing you need for your business?

Do you need a product you can use as a “lead magnet” to get people to join your list? Then find something that you think your target prospect would be excited to get and turn that product into your own lead magnet.

Do you need a couple of products that you can take and use to create a digital product funnel, so you can have something to start making money with? Then go find 3 or so products that are related. Take each of them, turn them into your own products, and create your money getting funnel.

Do you need content for your blog? Search for content related to your niche. You can of course use articles, but you can also pull content from ebooks, reports, etc. and use that as content for your blog.

Do you want to sell PLR content, but don't want to create the content? Then go find PLR with reseller rights, and setup your own PLR business.

I'll stop there, and that's just 4 examples of the hundreds of uses of PLR in your business, but you get the point.

Note: Just make sure that you check the license for the PLR so you know that you can do what you intend to do with it or not.

The important thing is to have a strategy for your use of all PLR content that you buy!

Now once you have a strategy, it's time to…

Put The Work In

Look, PLR content is a great shortcut! When you buy high quality PLR content there's usually not a lot of editing you have to do. Depending on the kind of content and your strategy will depend on what you edit and how much you edit…


It still takes work!

You have to be willing to put the work in. You have to be willing to learn how to implement what you want to do with the content.

For example, if you want to take the content and turn it into your own product. If you don't know how to do this, you need to go learn. Don't let NOT knowing how to do something stop you. With the amount of educational courses you can buy and free YouTube videos that is on the Internet there is literally no reason why you can't learn to do what you want to do to profit with a PLR package.

If you don't know how to do something, start by researching it. As you research it list all the steps it will take to accomplish what you want to do. Then go through step-by-step and do what it takes. When you get stuck on a step go find the resource that will teach you to do it.

I have a Facebook group called My PLR Mastermind. I invite you to join for free and if you need help doing anything with PLR come on in there and ask. You can join at

Whatever it takes to implement your strategy do IT because if you don't you'll never make any money with the PLR content that you buy.

With all of this being said…

What Are You Going To Do Now?

What I've just told you is a lot of common-sense stuff, right?

Buy high quality PLR content, have a plan to use it, actually use it. I've also given you some ideas on how you can use PLR content, but now it's up to you.

What are you going to do now?

Here's my advice…

Start digging through your hard drive and see what PLR content you have, go through it, and scrap any that you find to be low quality. I know throwing stuff away is hard, but this exercise will allow you to declutter your computer and your mind. It's therapeutic, it will get your juices flowing, and it gives you a chance to use PLR content you might have bought and forgotten about.

This will allow you to practice everything I've just taught you. Going through the content and making a plan for it

If you don't have any PLR content, then decide what you need in your business and go search out that content. I gave you a resource above of my trusted sources.

But… If you do NOTHING, then NOTHING is exactly what you'll get. ☹

This simple advice I've given you here is truly how you make money with every PLR package that you buy. I have several workshops that teach individual strategies. Take a look at these and see if you get ideas…

* The Profitable Products With PLR Blueprint Workshop!

* The Blog Profits With PLR Blueprint Workshop

* The Content Marketing With PLR Takeover Workshop

* The PLR Reseller Profits Blueprint Workshop

Side Note: You can get access to ALL of these workshops for one price at

What ideas do those give you? Pick an idea and go for it!

If you're stuck remember I gave you my PLR Mastermind Facebook Group link above too. Come in there and ask questions and get help.

Whatever you decide to do with PLR, I welcome you to come under my wing and learn and DO. PLR is a VERY profitable resource that I'm passionate about because of what it's done for my business, and I hope it can do the same for you too!

I wish you much success on your PLR journey!


The Review Cash System Workshop

In this workshop I'll be showing you how to use the Passive Income Reviews PLR Package from Arun Chandran.

What I'll be teaching you can be used with just about any PLR that you get, but I'm using this package as an example –

I'll be covering….

* How to use reviews that you get the PLR to.

* How to add PLR content to your blog

* How to use lead magnets and squeeze pages that you get the PLR to.

* How to use PLR articles as an affiliate marketer, use them for content, and use them to get traffic to anything you want but specifically to your squeeze page to get traffic.

The resource document for this workshop is at

The example PLR implementation plan I created can be downloaded at 

This workshop was done in two different videos and you can watch them below or watch them on YouTube 🙂

My Thoughts On Aweber – The Aweber Review

There’s absolutely no denying the fact that if you wish to be highly profitable online, you MUST build an email list. Selling to warm leads and existing customers is far easier than trying to convert cold visitors (prospects).

This is why you see marketers constantly parroting the quote, “The money is in the list!”

That’s definitely true. However, let’s not forget a crucial component in all of this. The money may be in the list, but where you keep the list matters greatly too.

The best way to build your list will be to use a reputable autoresponder. Since this is a very profitable online business model, there are many large companies offering email marketing services.

So which will you choose?

They’re all not made equal. Some are infinitely better than others. So you have to pick an autoresponder carefully.

WARNING: Do NOT do the following:

Avoid using self-hosted autoresponders! They’re usually created by ‘smaller’ marketers and lack the features and automation that the managed services provide.

Very often, the self-hosted autoresponders only have one thing going for them… a low one-time fee. But you always get what you pay for. If you have deliverability issues, etc. you’ll have to sort them out yourself.

Not to mention, most self-hosted autoresponders do not have as many integration and customization features as the ‘big guns’. So it’s best to pick a managed solution even if it means forking out a monthly or yearly fee.

Mention autoresponders and you’ll always see a few big names being mentioned.

Very often, the name AWeber will make an appearance and you’ll see marketers raving about it. But does it live up to the hype?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of AWeber

The Pros Of Using Aweber


If autoresponders were animals, AWeber would be a dinosaur. It’s probably the oldest autoresponder of the lot and was around when online marketing began.

That probably attests to the fact as to why it’s still popular even though it’s nowhere as sleek or user-friendly as the latest email marketing software such as ConvertKit or Active Campaign.

Nevertheless, AWeber is still a goliath in this email marketing scene and is a solid, proven and trusted autoresponder.


Marketers on a tighter budget will be able to afford AWeber which costs less than $20 a month, unlike other more expensive solutions.

Wide selection of forms and email templates

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating forms and emails with AWeber. There are more than 700 email templates to choose with the usual customization options.

Free up to 500 subscribers

You can sign up for AWeber for free and test it out up to a limit of 500 subscribers. That’s an excellent way for you to get a feel for the software. You may wish to try out the free trials at other autoresponder companies too. This will allow you to get a better idea of which one is suitable for you.

Has most of the features you’ll need

For quite a long time, AWeber was lagging behind in some of the more recent features that its competitors were offering such as tagging, etc.

However, AWeber seem to have caught up and are they’re trying to be competitive now rather than relying on old customer habits to stay with them. Automations, tagging, segmenting, split testing, etc. are all available in AWeber now.

Generally easy to use

The AWeber interface is clean and relatively uncomplicated. While it does seem clunkier than GetResponse and ConvertKit, once you’re familiar with the layout, you’ll be able to use AWeber easily. It’s a lot less complicated than Infusionsoft or Mailchimp.

Detailed reporting and analytics

This is one area where AWeber truly shines. They even have an app that you can download to analyze your stats. Wow! This dinosaur is really picking up the pace here.

We’re not going into the specific tracking features. Just know that it’s detailed enough to track sales, subscriber actions, and so on.

Integrates like a beast!

Since it has been in the business for so long, AWeber integrates with hundreds of third party solutions ranging from PayPal to Zapier. You can see the list on the official website.

Generally, if you have a tool that doesn’t integrate with other autoresponders, you’ll want to check if it works with AWeber. In most cases, it just might.

Can use Canva

This is something interesting that we didn’t see with the other autoresponders. You can actually use Canva within your AWeber interface to create images and so on. This is brilliant. Good ol’ T-Rex AWeber is definitely beautifying its emails.

Good support

Just like all the popular autoresponder companies, AWeber has great 24/7 prompt customer support too.

Account migration

If you’re with another autoresponder and would like to move your lists, tags, subscribers, etc. – all you need to do is fill out a form and AWeber will move your lists and stuff for you. Easy peasy!

Knowledgebase and tutorials

Don’t panic. If you have no idea how to use AWeber, they have tons of articles and video tutorials to guide you. You’ll have no problem figuring out this platform.

Good deliverability rate

Despite being on the scene for so long, AWeber still manages to get its members’ emails into the subscribers’ inboxes without fail (for the most part). The litmus test of any autoresponder is its deliverability rate – and Awber does a good job here.

The Cons

Despite the fact that AWeber has done a lot to catch up with the newer autoresponders, its interface still needs a better look.

It also charges users for subscribers who are on the subscribed and unsubscribed lists. This isn’t really fair, and while the onus is on the user to delete their ‘unsubs’, it’s still a hassle and AWeber has been in the business long enough to have created a solution for this.

Should You Get It?

We recommend signing up for the free trial and testing it out for yourself… and also trying out the other popular autoresponders.

This is a very competitive industry and most autoresponders have similar features with some focusing on a few strengths. However, what really matters is that you like using the tool and feel at ease with it.

While some people swear by AWeber, many have switched to GetResponse or Mailchimp because they felt it was a better solution for them.

You need to see if AWeber is suitable for you. So give it a try and decide for yourself. As far as autoresponders go, AWeber is just as strong a contender as any.

>>> Click Here To Get AWeber

The Complete Niche PLR Plan

I can't believe this…

All of this…

My good friend and PLR husband Arun Chandran has now released THREE PLR packages in one year! 😳

Here is his latest >>>

This is PLR to 50 different articles on financial planning for newbies.

Yes! 50 articles all written by Arun (not some chopped up garbage content), and he has taken them and broken them down into 6 categories…

Financial Planning: The Basics
Financial Planning: Debt Management
Financial Planning: For Teens
Financial Planning: Investing
Financial Planning: For Couples
Financial Planning: For Retirement

Now if you're not in this niche, NOW is the time to hop in.

You could get a great little domain name, setup a blog, and use the articles for content JUST to get you started.

For marketing you could take the content and create informational videos and upload them to YouTube and optimize them to be found in search. That will get you traffic.

For marketing you could also take “highlights” of the content, create social media images using Canva, and have a ton of content to continually post to social media. Brand those images with your domain name and you'll get traffic.

Monetize your blog with all that content on it by sprinkling in your affiliate links.

Boom! Instant niche business…

This is a HOT niche, and I do highly recommend you scoop these up, BUT…

A little secret… The little plan I just gave you could be used for any PLR package, so make sure you save what I just said and apply it every single time you come across a niche PLR package like this.

But this is a great niche, to get started in and put this plan into action!

You can grab Arun's brand new PLR package at

One last little tip here…

There is an upsell to get PLR to 5 different lead magnets he also created for the financial planning niche.

Take one of these and put a pop-up on your blog that gives one of these away and you'll also be able to build a list in this niche to profit-from.

Now we are full circle and I just told you exactly how to take this entire package and create a full blown niche business.

Grab the package now and go get started!

Let me know if you have any questions about doing anything I've discussed here… You can leave your comments below and I'll reply back to you!


CB Product Reviews With PLR!

Today my PLR bestie (and the love of my life… not really, but really) has released his brand new ClickBank Product Reviews package for 2021!

With this package you'll get private label rights to product reviews for the top 15 hottest sellers on ClickBank!

What I love about ClickBank is it's easy to become an affiliate (no real approval process) AND they pay you, so you don't have to worry about the product owner keeping your commissions and not paying you.

That's a serious issue for affiliate marketers. 🙁

What I LOVE about these reviews is that Arun (the creator) is an absolute entertainer and it shows in his reviews!

These aren't your boring every day product reviews. NOTHING is every boring from Arun. *lol*

Each review is thoroughly researched, packed with information about each of the products, sprinkled with some serious personality, and written to MAKE the reader BUY!

Plus… You get PLR to all of them!

You can do things like…

1. Create a product review site and fill it with these!

2. Compile the reviews into a report that promotes the hottest products online!

3. Post these reviews in several different places to get more eyeballs on your offers. You don't have to have a website. Use all those social sites out there!

4. Here's a twist… Offer a “Write a ClickBank Review” Gig on Fiverr and rewrite these reviews for others!

5. Convert these reviews into videos and put them on YouTube!

… and there are so many other ways you can use these!

Here's the deal though…

Right now this package is super duper cheap, but in just a few days the launch price expires and you will have to pay A LOT more for them.

So take a few minutes, check out the ClickBank Product Reviews package for 2021, and start using these to profit-in all the ways you want!

Okay… That's it for now… Time for me to get back to work. 🙂

Talk soon!


Profitable Products With PLR Blueprint Workshop

Over the last few months we've really dived into learning about using PLR content.

The thing I want to drill in your head the most is there are two ways to use PLR.

To directly make-money…. Things like taking PLR content and creating products.

To indirectly make-money… Things like taking PLR content and using it in your marketing.

I've done two workshops so far…

One was about teaching you to directly make-money with PLR content (reselling PLR content) and the other was about using PLR content to get traffic with content marketing.

So many of you have come to me and asked that I teach you how to take PLR content and create your own products with it.

So of course that's what I'm going to do for you!

I've just launched the Profitable Products With PLR Blueprint Workshop where I'm not only going to show you how to take PLR content and turn it into your own products, but I'm also going to show you how to create automated sales systems, funnels, and an entire product empire…

Using nothing but PLR content!

This is THE workshop you've all been asking for and for the next 24 hours you can grab your seat in this workshop at a special launch price!

When the timer expires thought the price will go up without exceptions, so make sure you grab your seat right now!

I'm super excited about this workshop and showing you how I'm able to create so many different products in so many different niches!

Don't miss grabbing your spot!

Talk soon!


Brand New – Warrior Plus PLR Package

Lately I have been putting out A LOT of content and workshops to help you with using PLR in your business to make-money and get traffic.

I've also told you about some killer PLR packages that have been launched.

If you've missed anything you can find EVERYTHING right here on the blog… 😉

I'm full force back into the PLR industry and working on a PLR package for you that's going to help with your marketing.

Remember there are two sides to PLR…

PLR that you can use in your marketing and traffic getting activities…


PLR that you can use to directly make-money…

Today I want to tell you about a product that you could use to directly make-money in your business.

It's the Reach Customers On Warrior Plus PLR Package from my good friend Charles Harper!

This directly makes you-money because it's a full blown product! You could set this up and start selling as your very own product right now! It's THAT good!

Now of course my advice is to always at the VERY least rebrand it (new graphics), but you could literally take this thing and start selling.

Besides the full blown product, sales page, and download page you also get a free-offer and squeeze page with this package.

So setup the squeeze page and free-offer, build your list and have follow up emails that sell your subscribers the full blown course.

Since this comes with PLR you can do just about anything you want!

I recommend it because it's some of the highest quality PLR you can get and you CANNOT beat the price for this MASSIVE PLR package.

There's a lot more that comes with it and you can see everything you'll get at

Okay… That's it for today… If you read this whole post, I gave you one heck of an education on PLR and using PLR. Now grab this package and get to work with it!

Talk soon!


Brand New Entrepreneurs PLR Package!

Today is the day!

My bestest friend in the PLR industry has opened the doors to his Mindset For Entrepreneurs PLR package at

With the private label rights, you’ll get a SOLID content bundle that will fire up your readers and inspire them to start their own businesses with confidence.

Since it comes with private label rights, you’ll also be able to instantly use the content right out of the box to tap into this profitable self-help niche, build your blog/site, boost reader loyalty and increase your affiliate commissions.

YES! There are so many ways to use this PLR package!

Motivating potential entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and shift their mindset has never been easier! No need for time-consuming research or painstaking writing.

Check out the Mindset For Entrepreneurs PLR Package at

Talk soon!


Repurposing VS Rebranding PLR Content – Here’s The Difference

Repurposing your PLR is one of the more advanced PLR strategies that most PLR buyers fail to capitalize on. It opens up doors to more opportunities for traffic generation and sales.

A common question I get asked is… “Liz, Is repurposing and rebranding PLR the same thing?”

There is a difference between rebranding your PLR and repurposing your PLR.

For example, let's assume you have a PLR eBook on dog training and it's titled as “Best Dog Ever”. The cover of the book is brown with a picture of a dog with a ball in its mouth. Everything looks great!

Now, you could sell this PLR book exactly as it is. But then, you'd be competing with the other PLR buyers who have the same book as you.

Imagine if someone is interested in your “Best Dog Ever” book but can't buy it because he's at work and busy.

Finally, when he gets home and is free, he doesn't have your sales page URL, so he Google searches for “Best Dog Ever book”. Guess what shows up?

7 or 8 listings for the same book that others PLR buyers are also selling. In a worst-case scenario, the actual PLR sales page shows up too. Horror of horrors!!! 😂

Now you've either lost the sale, or the buyer shops around and buys it from someone selling it for $1.99. This happens ALL the time. PLR buyers underprice their products to compete because they do NOT understand how to rebrand their PLR.

REBRANDING your PLR means giving the product a brand NEW look.

You'll create a new title such as “Ultimate Puppy Training” or “The Dog Owner's Bible”.

You'll have a cover that looks totally different. Maybe a picture of a happy owner playing with the dog by the beach or something eye-catching.

Now you have a product that NO ON ELSE HAS. This is rebranding. The goal is to have a product unique to you.

Now let's talk about repurposing…

Rebranding a product is easy. All you need are new graphics for the product and the sales page. You can either create them yourself or outsource the task to a professional.

REPURPOSING, however, is about taking the PLR content and turning it into something new that you can either sell for profit or giveaway as value.

In many cases, repurposing PLR allows you to generate traffic to your web properties too. (Big huge hint there…)

If we follow the example above, repurposing the dog training eBook will mean hiring a voiceover artist to read out the book and record it as an audio file. You'll then sell the product as an audiobook.

While you can charge $17 for the eBook, you'll be able to charge $27 or more for the audiobook because it has a higher perceived value.

Some people prefer to listen to a book rather than read it. So, instead of losing these potential customers, you might get them to buy the audiobook instead.

This is an example of how powerful repurposing can be.

Another example… Taking pieces of PLR text content and turning them into videos will allow you to generate traffic from video platforms.

Another example… If you were to turn the content into images, you could use them as pins on Pinterest to generate traffic.

Another example… What if you took a PLR article on SEO on-page monetization tips and converted it into a printable poster? Would you be able to make sales with it?

You bet! People prefer to print out checklists for easier reference. They'll affix them on their walls, etc.

Another example… Bought a bundle of dragon graphic designs that came with PLR rights?

You could use them to create Kindle coloring books. Or create dragon stories and use the images as illustrations. You could even print the images on mugs, bags, t-shirts, etc. and sell them to parents who'll purchase it for their kids.

Repurposing PLR content is about taking the content, changing it from its original format into something new which can be used to further your online business.

It doesn't matter if it's a tweet or a template. If you created something new with the PLR you have, you've repurposed it.

You're only limited by your imagination. Use PLR as a canvas and unleash your entrepreneurial skills to create a line of products you could sell… or use the content in different ways to deliver value and generate traffic.

Repurposing your PLR is one of the most important skills you must have, if you wish to get the most out of the PLR content you have.

Okay, so hopefully all of this has helped you on your PLR journey. If you'd like to learn more about PLR and/or get updates when brand new HIGH QUALITY private label rights content is available from my trusted sources make sure you're subscribed to the Today In PLR Newsletter at

Don’t Get Caught In The PLR BUYER Trap!

If you’re trying to make money online, here’s a mantra that you MUST repeat to yourself every single day…

“I ONLY make money when I SELL!”

This mantra may seem obvious and blatant common sense… and yet, so many beginners who are new to online marketing fail to see it.

They get lured by the flashy sales pages which promise quick profits. They end up buying product after product after product and never doing anything with what they’ve bought.

There’s even a term for this in this online marketing space… it’s called “shiny object syndrome” (SOS)!

Newbies spend all their money and time buying products, but don’t make a cent in return because they never sell anything!

Do not fall into this vicious cycle where you’re led to believe that you’re taking action by buying. This is not an action that generates profits! This “syndrome” happens with PLR buyers too.

Their hard drives become a graveyard where the corpses of many a digital “biz in a box” lie, untouched and silent till the end of time. A harsh exaggeration… but you get the point. 😉 

You ONLY make money when you sell, and this is how you SELL and make money with products/content that you get the PLR to…

I'm going to give you 7 different ways you can start selling using PLR content right now…

1. Sell Reports

If your PLR bundle contains a report, it can either be used as a giveaway report to build a list or you can sell the report for $5 – $7.

Keep your pricing low so that it becomes an impulse buy. You’ve not built trust yet. So, by keeping it cheap, the product will become a tripwire to get the potential buyer into your sales funnel or on your list.

If the report is being used as a lead magnet to build your list, always ensure that there are links in the report that will take the reader to products you’re selling or promoting… and/or your website too.

2.Sell eBooks

Similar to reports above, you’ll need to rebrand them so that they are unique in the marketplace. A beautiful cover, a cool sales page and a smooth buying process will get you sales, if you drive traffic to your offer.

Your eBooks should have affiliate links to tangible products or digital products that the reader can buy. This will add more income to your pocket! 😉

You see… Selling the eBook is not an end in itself. With digital content, you can make passive sales with strategically-placed links within the content. So, use this tactic but don’t overdo it.

3. Sell Audiobooks

Audiobooks usually cost more than written content. This is evident in the Amazon marketplace too. There seems to be a higher perceived value for audiobooks.

What you can do is to hire a voiceover artist on a freelance platform such as Upwork or Fiverr to read your eBook and record it as an audiobook.

Now you’ll have an extra product that you can sell as an upgrade!

If someone is buying your eBook, they’ll have the option of paying an extra $17 or so to get the audiobook version… You’ll be surprised at how many people take you up on this offer.

It's Commercial Break Time… 😉

[thrive_leads id='149′]


4. Sell Video Training

Written content can be converted into videos too. You can either use software such as Camtasia to do them yourself, or just hire someone to create these videos for you.

Now you have videos which can be sold as training! If you have a bundle of PLR videos on bodyweight exercises, you can combine that with creative commons content to create training videos/demonstrations.

So, videos that you get the PLR to can be sold in different ways…

Take text and turn it into videos, just sell the videos, and/or take videos and bundle them together for a big video training product.

5. Sell Via Podcasts/webinars

PLR content can also be used in podcasts/webinars. PLR is so versatile that you’re not limited to only selling it as content. You can use it to sell/promote other products too.

PLR content on “six pack abs” can be used to sell ab rollers, weight loss pills, sit-up benches, etc. As long as you can find a way to make the PLR content relevant, it becomes a tool for what you’re selling.

6. Sell With Emails

PLR content can also be used in emails to make sales. You just need a link in the emails to a product you’re selling. Give a snippet of valuable information (use PLR content for this), followed by a link to a blog post/product you’re selling!

7. Sell Memberships

You may also create a membership site and use PLR content as your deliverables to your members. Your members won’t know it’s PLR. They’re just there for the value, and you’ll have a consistent, recurring income from this method.

Ok so hopefully this will turn you from buyer to SELLER!

The goal of PLR should be to make you money. As long as you can find a way to directly or indirectly use the content to generate a sale, you’ll be golden.

You’ll see PLR opportunities all around you once you realize that you ONLY make money when you sell. So, start selling!

Okay, so hopefully all of this has helped you on your PLR journey. If you'd like to learn more about PLR and/or get updates when brand new HIGH QUALITY private label rights content is available from my trusted sources make sure you're subscribed to the Today In PLR Newsletter at


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